Top Ten Writing Tips To Help You To Write More

Here in no accurate order, are the ten best autograph tips I've apparent in 25 years

of writing. They may plan for you, too. Try them.

=> Tip One: Pay absorption to images


Your appropriate academician thinks in images, and if you write, you construe images from

your appropriate academician into words. Usually this action happens so bound that you're

unaware of it. If you can accomplish this action conscious, you can goose up your own

creativity. Stephen King calls this action "writing with the third eye --- the eye of

imagination and memory."

To get the adhere of this, try Jean Houston's process, acclimatized from her book, *The

Possible Human*. (URL above.)

=> Tip Two: Making mud/ laying track

Your aboriginal abstract of any section of plan is "mud" --- raw material. Julia Cameron refers

to your aboriginal abstract as "laying track", addition appellation I like.

If the aboriginal draft's awful, great! It's meant to be. It's alone raw material. However, if

you don’t actualize the aboriginal draft, or you delay until you acquire a absolutely abundant abstraction that's

worth a aboriginal draft, you won’t address anything. Write. Accomplish mud.

=> Tip Three: Just address --- anticipate on the page, or on the screen, NOT in your head

Thinking too abundant while you address is treacherous, because you can absorb two hours

"writing" and end up with bisected a page of work. Write-think. That is, anticipate on the

page, not in your head.

=> Tip Four: Grow your autograph with lists

Listing is a anatomy of brainstorming. It grows your writing, and it's fun.

Listing is an accomplished address to use if you get ashore in your writing, and it

doesn’t amount what affectionate of autograph you're doing, whether it’s fiction or nonfiction.

Listing aswell helps you in the afterlight process, to add arrangement to your work.

Here's an accomplished FREE software affairs to advice you to aftermath lists, and to save


=> Tip Five: Use your bewitched thesaurus

Your a lot of advantageous advertisement apparatus is ---- a thesaurus. Accumulate one on your board to kickstart

your brain.

Your album and concordance are absolute kickstarters. They're aswell basic accoutrement

whenever you're revising.

=> Tip Six: Accomplish autograph the FIRST affair you do anniversary day

If you address at atomic page, by hand, as anon as you get up, you'll acquisition that autograph

comes added calmly to you for the blow of the day. You're aswell added focused and

relaxed for the blow of the day.

=> Tip Seven: Set WIG goals --- the best goals are consistently unrealistic

Writer Martha Beck calls unrealistic goals WIGs: Wildly Improbable Goals. In the

September 2002 affair of Oprah annual she says: "… acquirements to allure and acquire

your own WIG can activate you to a affectionate of ubiquitous, benevolent magic, a river of

enchantment that perpetually flows to your destiny."

A WIG is exciting. Just cerebration about a WIG will get your affection pounding. Alive

toward your WIG (writing a book, autograph a screenplay, accepting active on as a

contributor at a mass-market magazine) takes harder work. Lots of harder work.

And at the end of that harder work, as Beck credibility out, you accomplish your goal, but

there's a twist. You never accomplish it absolutely as you envisioned it – you accomplish

something even better, something you could never acquire imagined.

I'm a abundant accepter in autograph ABOUT your goals. This is because if you write,

you're application both abandon of your brain, and are accessing your benumbed apperception as

well. You reside in your larboard brain, which you attention as "you", but you acquire a bashful

partner, your appropriate brain, which is aswell you, and which communicates via images

and feelings.

=> Tip Eight: Separate autograph and editing

Writing comes first, again editing. If you try to amalgamate the two, you will block.

Writing should appear as calmly to you as chatting to a friend. If it doesn’t, you're

trying to adapt in your arch afore you get the words on paper, or on the computer

screen. If you're not acquainted of the crisis of accumulation autograph and editing, you'll

make autograph harder for yourself, if it should be easy. If you don’t acquire agitation

talking, how can you acquire agitation writing?

=> Tip Nine: It's acceptable to attempt with your writing

In his book The Breakout Principle, Dr Herbert Benson (who aswell wrote The

Relaxation Response) describes a struggle/ absolution action that leads to a new akin

of awareness. If you struggle, and again absolutely accord up the attempt --- just

give up --- there's a adventitious that you can accomplish a aiguille acquaintance which leads you

to a new akin of functioning.

How does this plan in your writing? Let's say that you're autograph a novel. This plan

is harder for you. However, you accumulate at it faithfully, alive on your atypical anniversary day.

You attempt with it for weeks. Again you accord up. Although you accumulate writing, you

say to yourself: "I don’t affliction any added what debris I write. I'm just traveling to do it.

I'm just traveling to write."

This absolution leads to autograph magic. Suddenly you're inspired, and you accomplishment the

book in a rush. Although you will still occasionally attempt with your autograph

(because attempt is a allotment of life), you've torn through to a new akin of

functioning in your work.

This new akin would not, and could not, acquire happened after the struggle.

=> Tip Ten: Acceptable autograph = accurate writing

Writing candidly can feel like undressing in public, so abounding alpha writers anguish

about administration their writing.

Be compassionate. Firstly, to yourself. Write. Address for yourself. All autograph takes


When you assuredly appearance your autograph to others, you ascertain the amazing accuracy that

_no one cares_. In her book "Writing To Save Your Life", Michele Weldon advises:

"Get over yourself". No one is anticipation what you write. So write.